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Shaking up the Idea of Balance

| James Riley |

Balancing Act

There is a lot of talk in our society about finding balance in life. For me, sometimes, it seems like there is so much pressure and focus on this topic that I have to have everything in perfect balance every moment of every day and, if I don’t, I’m failing. Often, this perceived failure causes me to end up even more out of balance as I try to drop what I’m doing to fix the imbalance which, inherently, causes more imbalance. If you’ve ever seen the I Love Lucy episode where they are working on the factory line, yep, sometimes it feels just like that!

Nervous vs Excited

| James Riley |

Earlier this year, in a blog titled Here’s to the Crazy Ones, I talked about how we approach failure and our attitude towards it. Recently, I came across a video from Simon Sinek where he is talking about how you train your mind to perform under pressure and I wanted to share that.

Here’s to the Crazy Ones

| James Riley |

There is something amazing about the people and things that aren’t normal in our world. Consistently, we find that great dreamers, innovators and inspirations aren’t normal. We can even take that further to say that quite a few people that have done amazing things in our world were labeled as highly abnormal. If this is the case, maybe it is worthwhile to evaluate how normal we actually want to be.