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We have experience serving a broad range of industries. In many ways, the core IT needs of most industries are the same. Many of the compliance standards out there are even quite similar. This commonality allows us, where possible, to build solutions very solid and robust that have universal application. This universal approach then makes it easier to adapt our solutions, where they make sense, to meet the needs of an individual industry. We find that this approach ends up enhancing the service we provide across all of our clients as needs in one industry help us mature our offering to other industries.

One example of this shared maturity process comes from the non-profit world and budgeting. In our early days, our non-profit clients would come to us every year, asking for a budget. After a while of scrambling around, year after year, to build a budget, we figured there had to be a better way. This led us to build a technology roadmap for every client. In this, every time we deploy a product, we map out its lifecycle, including recurring costs and eventual replacement costs. From there, we identify future initiatives and projects and lay those into the roadmap. The end result is both a budget, that can and will be tweaked, and a tool for strategically seeing the road ahead.

Below are some of the industries we serve.


Many of our first clients were non-profits. Over the years, we have learned how to bring advanced IT solutions, at economical prices while also working within budgets. While there are a lot of things we do to support non-profits, one key thing is our strategic planning and budgeting. Every one of our clients ends up with a 5 year technology roadmap where we develop a strategic plan for your IT that aligns with your organization objectives. While this plan can and will be modified over time, this serves as a solid foundation for non-profit organizations to be able to do budgeting and fundraising on…helping empower them to find diverse funding sources for key IT initiatives that will move their mission forward.


Over the years, the manufacturing industry has advanced significantly. Various lean and agile methodologies require that you have very mature and well-informed processes to enhance and optimize the quality and profitability of your products. On top of that, various compliance requirements also require solid data collection and management systems. IT has become a critical element to support these objectives. We have expertise in many of these areas and, where we are not experts, we are very skilled at collaborating with other parties that are experts in their specific spaces (ie. ISO compliance). This all means that we can work well together to drive your objectives.


The days of drafting boards is long gone. Engineering firm needs go far beyond just faster computers. Whether it is CAD programs, data vaulting and versioning systems, solutions to effectively share data and collaborate with external vendors and clients and beyond, your needs are vast. We have experience with a broad range of Engineering firms and solutions that we can bring to bear to support your needs and enable you to do your work with IT as a strategically aligned asset.

Financial Services

Whether you are an accounting firm, CPAs, lending institution or simply manage financial data for clients, you are receiving more and more scrutiny and compliance requirements. We have experience working with numerous companies in the financial services sector to develop IT solutions that are powerful enough to meet your needs while also being secure enough to meet your moral obligation to protect your clients’ data along with your legal obligations.


The need for medical services continues to grow and, with it, so do the requirements. Whether they are HIPAA, HITECH, licensing requirements, insurance requirements or beyond, we are here to work through the needs, demystify them and develop solutions that both empower your team and meet your security and reporting obligations.


Providers in the legal industry have an immense trust placed upon them, not only to provide sound council but also to protect their clients’ privacy. We are experienced working with various legal firms to design and support systems that are both usable and secure.