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Do IT Different

We believe that something amazing happens when you have personal and professional integrity
while focusing on having a substantial and positive impact…things grow.

We Do IT Different by working with our clients to build technical solutions, where they make sense, that empower people to maximize a business’s potential.

What Makes JNR Different

People Focused

Everything we do, whether it is our hiring, sales, service delivery or engineering, is focused on the people involved. We take the time to care for our team and train our team to care for our clients, not just our clients’ IT systems.

Our Team

Every element of our hiring is focused on finding people of the right character, care for our clients and aptitude. We have built an apprenticeship program that trains people up in our processes and systems so we are able to focus our hiring, first, on soft skills and build the technical skills over time.

Our Process

While recognize that each of our clients is unique, many elements of their IT systems can be standardized. To this end, we work hard to engineer solid solutions that are flexible while also being very solid and stable. This results in very stable solutions for our clients and consistent support from our team. We actually consult with other IT companies and speak at IT conferences about how we have built processes and systems to improve our client and team member experience.

How Different Impacts You

People and Business First, IT Later

When we work with you, we never start out looking at your needs as IT needs. We start by looking at your business and what makes sense for you. From there, we work with you to examine solutions that make sense. Sometimes, those solutions do not need IT at all. In most all cases, IT is an important part of the solution but IT is never THE solution…it is only ever a part of the solution.

When we properly understand what we are doing and why we are doing it, we clearly understand each of the elements we bring into play (HR, processes, finance, IT, etc.) and the importance of each of those parts.


Because we start with business needs, you never just spend money on IT because we told you to. All IT, and other, expenditures are tied to business need and a clear understand of the value the investment will generate.

Sometimes, that value calculation has to use some fuzzier math (ie. Increased productivity) but we will never engage pursuing a solution without clarity on what we are solving for.

Top-Notch Customer Service

Our business and people-focused approach does not stop at the initial consulting phase. Our entire team is trained and focused this way. As a result, anytime you reach out to us with a support request, while we are looking to handle the IT element of the request, we are also intentional to recognize the human and business element.

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