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IT and Managed Services with a Different Spin

Just the IT basics?
If you are only looking or someone to manage the nuts and bolts of your IT, we are likely not the match you are looking for.

Seeking a Strategic IT Ally?
Let’s connect. We partner with you – collaboratively developing the big picture while passionately delivering on the technical details.

We Do IT Different
We prioritize your vision, mission and goals. We take the time to understand your challenges and work with you to design IT strategies and solutions that align with and advance your business. Beyond the daily IT tasks, we engage in your strategic planning and meet regularly to ensure your IT trajectory is always aligned with your business.

Our Why

We believe that a businesses’ greatest asset is its people. When people are provided with an inspirational culture and powerful tools, the stage is set for a business to maximize its potential. We believe that technology exists as a tool to empower this to happen.

We believe that the IT industry has failed to serve businesses due to a fundamental disconnect between how IT has been delivered and a businesses’ needs. Either IT has been treated as a commodity or the answer to every problem…either way, it is improperly positioned to fulfill its purpose.

We Do IT Different by working with our clients to build technical solutions, where they make sense, that empower people to maximize a businesses’ potential.

Our Values

We believe that something amazing happens when you have personal and professional integrity while focusing on having a substantial and positive impact…things grow.

We see integrity as two distinct but related things. The first is an assessment of a person’s character in that there is an integration or consistency between what they say and what they do…they are a person of their word. The second is similar but is more related to objects or systems instead of a person. In this, we value objects and systems that do what they say they will do as well as integrate well with other objects and systems.

Integrity is a nice concept but, until it is put into action, it sits on the shelf, collecting dust…it cannot have impact. We believe that we are designed to do more than have great ideas and philosophies. We are designed to put them into action in order that we may have a positive impact on those that we have the honor of working with and serving. As such, all of our work filters through an evaluation of its impact…if it won’t have a positive impact, we set it aside.

We see growth as the natural result of doing the right things for the right people for the right reasons. When we do impactful things, with integrity, growth is a natural result.

We are Hiring!