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Nervous vs Excited

| James Riley |

Earlier this year, in a blog titled Here’s to the Crazy Ones, I talked about how we approach failure and our attitude towards it. Recently, I came across a video from Simon Sinek where he is talking about how you train your mind to perform under pressure and I wanted to share that.

In the video, Simon talks about how the symptoms of our heart racing, visualizing the future and our hands getting clammy are signs that we show both when we are nervous and when we are excited. Elite atheletes are able to rewire their brain to see these signs as predominately exciting rather than being predominately nervewracking. When we are able to change our perspective on failure, anxiety and the like, it is amazing what kinds of opportunities show up!

Check out the video below and see what you think. If you would like to check out the previous blog, you can click HERE to read Here’s to the Crazy Ones.