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Human Networks

| James Riley |

The concept of a Human Network is a core part of the JNR Networks design philosophy…it affects every aspect of what we do. While the concept can seem a bit confusing at first, this page is intended to shed a little light onto the topic.

JNR Networks started as a technology consulting firm and we still are. However, we realized that just consulting with companies on their technology was inadequate and produced rather myopic solutions. THE REASON IS SIMPLE – technology that lacks integration with business models, goals and people is incomplete and shortsighted. This method results in multiple systems lacking integration and efficiency.

As we recognized this problem, we backed up and looked at how business works, the people in businesses and the various technology at use. We realized that people (or humans) are at the core of all of the different things that happen in businesses. While businesses need to produce a product, serve their clients and make money, they are not truly successful if the people in the business are not properly connected (or networked). People need to be able to perform their work in a way that allows each person’s work and function to interconnect with others.

This is where the concept of Human Networks comes into play. When we survey a business, we look at the ways that the people within the business connect and work together. Our expertise comes in helping to find, implement and support systems that enable those connections to occur more consistently and produce better results. While many of our solutions involve technology, our focus is not on technology. Our focus is on the people that the technology enables, the function they are enabled to do and the business need that is satisfied by that solution.

Simply put, we are not looking to sell technology. Instead, we look to help our clients maximize their Human Networks. Indeed, our purpose is to help businesses develop healthy human networks where all systems and people work together optimally. The solutions and systems that we design, implement and support are built with this focus in mind.

If you would like to learn more about Human Networks and how we can help to enable the Human Networks within your organization to function more effectively, please contact us.

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