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New Client Onboarding Questionnaire

New Client Onboarding Questionnaire


We are looking forward to serving you! In order to do that, we have assembled a questionnaire that helps us understand more about your organization. Please help us help you by completing the form below.

IF you would prefer to send us a spreadsheet with your team members, you can click HERE to download a spreadsheet that you can complete. Once you complete the spreadsheet, please upload it at the bottom of this form.

Under Company Contacts, there are three statuses you could choose to give a person in your organization. Only check a box if it applies. Below is a definition of each status:

  • The Primary POC is to be our primary Point of Contact.
  • The Billing POC is who we will send invoices to.
  • The Approver designation indicates that this person can approve purchases, network access requests, user termination requests, etc. If you want to limit their approval rights, please indicate this in the Notes section.

As you complete the Company Contacts section, please click the Add button after each contact. This will allow you to continue to add additional contacts.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you!

James Riley, CEO

Company Name


Please indicate any and all locations that you have, even if they are minimally used.
Location Address

Company Contacts

Please include a list of everyone in your company so we have a list of everyone and can track work per person, communicate with them needed, etc.

Welcome Email

The Welcome Email is an e-mail that we send out to whoever you approve us to send it to. In it, we cover things such as how to reach out to us for support. We want to make sure that we get this to everyone that should know about it but we also want to make sure that you have as much control over messaging as you would like to have. Please let us know if you want us to only send it to a select group of people or if you would like us to send it to everyone. Please select the option below that best meets what you would like us to do.

Anything we Missed?

We work hard to make sure that we gather critical information while not overly burdening you with a bunch of extraneous questions. However, through much trial and error, we have realized that we are far from omniscient. If we missed something, if there is something you think is especially important for us to know or you just want to comment on the beautiful weather we are having, we have created this section for you to share anything we may have missed or forgotten to ask.

Please Upload any Files you may want us to have.