Accessing Voicemail

  1. To Access Voicemail:
    • Press the voicemail button located on the phone or the Voicemail soft key displayed on the screen.
    • If this is your first time accessing your voicemail you will be prompted to set your password and record your greeting. To do this simply follow the instructions that are played.
    • To listen to a message, follow prompts given.
  2. To Access Voicemail using the Web Portal:
    • Login to user web portal.
    • The user web portal can be found by navigating to
    • Enter your Extension number followed by your Voicemail PIN number.
    • Navigate to “Voicemail” on the left side menu.
    • Under Voicemail, select the voicemail item you would like to listen to.
    • From here, you have the option to Play, Stop, Delete, Download, and Forward the voicemail message.